Give Back: VolunteerMatch

Written by Heather KW Brown | Photography courtesy of VolunteerMatch

literacySometimes, all it takes is shifting the spotlight elsewhere to make a difference, both inwardly and outwardly. Besides an overwhelming sense of compassion that can’t be wrapped, helping those in need is a gift that might not fit under the tree, but can easily be placed in the center of most hearts.

For many of us, lending a hand is less about wanting to and more about where — or how — to do so. Matching
the causes we care about with the causes that need us is easy with VolunteerMatch, where more than 90,000 nonprofit organizations around the world are listed, providing would-be volunteers the chance to find a mission that matters most to them. Love the outdoors? Wilderness Works guides disadvantaged Atlanta children with interactive programs utilizing nature discovery and outdoor adventure, offering four types of camps ranging from hiking Stone Mountain to more rustic, longer camps in North Georgia and Western N.C.

Almost every cause you’ve heard of and many more you haven’t can be found on VolunteerMatch – from cultural/performing arts, environment, youth, education/literacy, homeless, disabled, children/youth to medical and crisis support.

The benefits of VolunteerMatch have been listed in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor and Chicago Tribune to name a few reputable sources and it’s as simple as choosing a cause (search by volunteer opportunities or organizations), connecting with a nonprofit and changing the world. Many have holiday stores or events that could use your help!