Tyear McCrary


tyearThere’s no doubt in Tyear McCrary’s heart that she’s been tested time and again, yet, her faith has become stronger.

“Growing up in a Christian home gave me the foundation,” said McCrary who, in her 20s, decided to pursue ministry. “My mom, my strongest supporter, sold our house in Cleveland and moved with me to a school in Tulsa. She taught me to trust God, and that’s what I have done.”

McCrary and her husband Scott, whom she married 45 days after they first met in 1993, have four adult children and three grandchildren. With her husband’s support, the couple has founded two churches, one in Cleveland as well as The Faith Church of Atlanta in Peachtree Corners.

“God has trusted me with so much over the years by allowing me to serve others in both business and ministry,” McCrary said. In 2011, a council of bishops designated her as the first female bishop in their organization. That role, which required two years of training, had to wait. Unfortunately, within three months of her consecration, she endured two auto accidents and suffered severe brain trauma. Testing her fortitude, doctors rendered a cancer diagnosis less than a year later.

Her entire family turned to prayer and McCrary, now cancer-free, continues to carve her own path with unflappable faith and an unwavering desire to help others.

Summarizing his wife’s dedication, Scott said, “From the beginning, I was drawn to her giving heart and the way she is always willing to help people. She’s just a giver who always encourages people to pay it forward.”

Today, McCrary mentors women through her newest business — Madam CEO. Focusing on women of all ages, the company offers boardroom boot camps, weekend retreats and multi-week summits that provide training, mentoring and empowerment for women to strategically position themselves for entrepreneurial success in business and ministry.

“We want to help women celebrate who they are and who they can become,” McCrary said. “Our goal with Madam CEO is to bring the CEO out of each woman and be the best that God intends them to be.”


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