Thumbs Up Diner

Written by Kylie McKlveen 

When I visit (or often, revisit) a new area of Atlanta, the first thing I seek
out is an original restaurant, complete with its own unique personality and a funky menu to match. Enter the 1950’s-inspired Thumbs Up Diner: an approachable “breakfast all day” dining scene with an established reputation in inspired, homemade family-style breakfast recipes. This is no newcomer to the restaurant scene — in fact, husband and wife owners Lou and Elizabeth Locricchio are personally inviting you back to one of their five locations, including a location in our very own Roswell (others in Atlanta, East Point, Marietta, and downtown Decatur).

Stepping into Thumbs Up Diner is a step back to a time when neighborhoods had their own diners, and the clientele were the friends and family that surrounded them. This nostalgic diner has casual seating options (booths, tables or at the counter) to grab a fresh cup of coffee with friends or have an informal breakfast meeting with co-workers. At first glance, the menu looks fairly standard, but many of the diner’s favorite items are tweaked to perfection with a subtle twist, and made with the freshest local ingredients and flavors. Signature “breakfast all day” items include the popular Skillet Heap, a skillet full of spuds (freshly sliced potatoes grilled with onions, green peppers and special seasonings) topped with cheddar jack cheese, and two eggs cooked in any style, and the simple yet satisfying Cream Cheese Special, a platter of three eggs scrambled with cream cheese and fresh herbs. Each breakfast item is accompanied with a slice of toast or multi-grain biscuit, and I personally suggest you request the latter. Thumbs Up Diner’s multi-grain biscuit is an original recipe, baked in-house and specially created so that customers can enjoy a healthy biscuit that actually tastes delicious. Top it with the diner’s own freshly preserved jams and jellies, available right on your table for no extra charge. Also worth trying is a hot cup of coffee — a 100 percent organic Arabica Nicaraguan coffee that was even approved by my guest, a self-proclaimed coffee snob.

It may have been a couple years since you last visited your neighborhood Thumbs Up Diner, but one bite into a multi-grain biscuit later, and you will remember why you loved it so much in the first place.

Thumbs Up Diner
1140 Alpharetta St.
Roswell, GA 30075