THRIVE Farmers Coffee

 Written by Emily Anne Jackson 

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Roswell-based THRIVE Farmers Coffee goes beyond fair trade, utilizing an innovative farm-to-coffeepot business model and removing a number of undue links in coffee’s chain of production. The corporation connects farmers with consumers, providing them a sustainable income and a source of pride. By disseminating knowledge of better farming practices, sales and marketing and quality control, THRIVE allows farmers to exponentially increase the profitability of their crop. With the education and financial boost given to them by THRIVE, coffee farmers can support their families, stay on their land and empower their communities all while making great coffee.          

THRIVE Farmers Coffee can be found in Earth Fare stores in Augusta and Athens as well as brewed up fresh in Atlanta’s Octane Coffee Bars. Roswell residents can pick a bag up directly from THRIVE’s headquarters off of Hembree Park Drive. The most convenient way to get your economically conscientious caffeine fix, though, is to order online. You can subscribe to the THRIVE Coffee Club to get a freshly roasted bag delivered to your door each month. Club members enjoy special access to limited edition coffees, exclusive gifts and discounts on brewing equipment and other merchandise.