{three} sheets Third Anniversary Celebration

Written by Haley McNeal

HauteCoutureMedia_WEBfb-8275I once had a teacher in high school who opened each class saying “welcome to the big show!” to get us motivated for the next hour or so we would spend with our noses stuck in books or listening to a lecture. That urge of excitement was seemingly necessary. Although this call for enthusiasm also fit the theme of {three} sheets’ CIRQUE third anniversary celebration held on April 18, it was not needed. The energy of the event was evident long before visitors stepped through the door.

An animated stilt walker greeted guests upon arrival, alongside a popcorn machine. This was just a taste of what “circus” waited inside the dining lounge and on the new, renowned rooftop patio—live performances of acrobatic acts, dancers, the high-energy, bumping beats of DJ Ryan Michael Sanchez and even a guest appearance by the nationally known primate Dr. Irving, a white-faced capuchin who works with special needs kids. He is tied to the Dr. Irving Foundation, a local not-for-profit organization, and in addition to drawing the attention of all the ladies, he was also taking donations throughout the night.

{three} sheets is one of Atlanta’s premier dining and nightlife destinations offering a blend of sophistication and high-end entertainment for diners and party-goers alike. It is known for hosting celebratory events on any occasion while always throwing in a dash of class. Visit www.threesheetsatlanta.com to plan your next outing to this fabulous establishment.