Pamper on Another Level: The Spa Level at Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

Written by Heather KW Brown | Photography courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead

Snapshot 2014-12-01 11-24-48Ahhh … the spa. Oooh … the Ritz-Carlton.

As if spending time within the serene surroundings of a spa isn’t enough to blissfully block out the rattle and hum of the holidays, imagine exiting elevator doors to an entire spa level. Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling!

At the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, hotel guests and locals alike can mix and mingle before or after bumping elbows with eager shoppers. Better yet, to ramp up the relaxation this season, forgo the frustration of finding a parking spot in lieu of lazily shuffling (at about the same speed) to and fro in soft slippers and a luxuriously plush robe.

Located on the ninth floor, the Spa Level — the first of its kind offered by The Ritz-Carlton — comes complete with a Spa Concierge, relaxation lounge, 16 boutique guest rooms and two suites. Let’s say, you choose to unwind with a 60-minute Atlanta Hot Stone Massage. Downsize your stress a little less by reserving a room, where you can kick back and enjoy lunch from the hotel’s In-Room Dining Spa menu capped with a much-need cat nap (all part of the no-guilt pampering process). ’Tis the season to find your happy place among holiday spa treatments like the Apricot Ginger Spice Swedish massage or Cranberry Pomegranate body glow.

Just don’t be surprised if you leave with a smile on your face that will last for days — finished to-do list or not.