The Name Says It All: The Real Fix Pizzeria

Written by Colleen Ann McNally | Photos courtesy of The Real Fix Pizzeria086It may take you 30 minutes to find a parking spot on Canton Street during the lunch rush, but then again, you may get lucky. Especially when you consider tasting mozzarella that was made fresh 30 minutes ago, the pros might outweigh the cons. And at the new Real Fix Pizzeria in Roswell, the list of pros is as long as their menu.

Within the brightly painted brick building, indulge in their creative combinations of “forked, folded and fried” Neapolitan-style pizza, authentically handcrafted by piazzolo Giacomo Lazzano. Although the Palermo native only speaks Italian, his language of pizza translates well to the Roswell neighborhood.

With the help of his wife and impromptu translator, Lazzano shared with us his secret – 15-year-old mother yeast brought with him from Italy – and playfully warned, “Nobody touches the dough.” We were just happy to eat it, and we ate a lot.

Prepared through a traditional 96-hour long leavening process, the dough is made with the finest ground double-zero flour and authentic Sicilian salt, yielding an all-natural pizza crust that is fresh, delicious and easily digested. In handmade wood-burning ovens, assembled brick-by-brick by master craftsmen with materials made from the ashes of Mount Vesuvius, the pizzas are cooked for a mere 90 seconds at an astounding 900 degrees.

Get Crackin 5 My table’s favorites pies included the Fifth Avenue, a well-dressed pie with prosciutto de parma, homemade mozzarella, pecorino, fresh oregano, arugula and truffle oil, as well as the Fuhgeddaboudit – San Marzano Tomato DOP, pepperoni, local bacon, ricotta, basil and of course, more of that homemade mozzarella.

For those that like it hot, go for the Hot Fix – a spicy mix of fennel sausage, capers, red onion, fresh jalapeño and gorgonzola. If your sweet tooth is talking to you, don’t miss the Dough’no – red wine poached figs, caramelized onions, goat cheese, confit mushrooms and smoked mozzarella on a fried crust that vaguely reminds your taste buds of funnel cake at the fair. Perhaps the most unique pie, however, was the Get Crackin’ which, as the name suggests, features pistachios in its pesto alongside candied pistachios, Brussels sprouts and capicola. Can’t decide? You can always create your own from their list of meats, fresh veggies and artisanal cheeses.

The atmosphere is vibrant, kid-friendly and casual with perpetually flowing taps of Peroni. Most importantly, their pizza is the real deal.