Tara Humata

Written by Jennifer Colosimo 

Oct. 8 | We know there’s a latest, greatest Mexican spot on every corner, but since 2006, this one has stood out. Whether you’re there for the live music, a buzzing social scene (literally, the place to be on a Thursday or Friday night) and extensive tequila bar or for the menu bursting with rich, authentic dishes, it’s an all-around experience that beats your average chips-and-queso night out.

The Dishes | Whichever margarita you order – and you must, there are so many to choose from – our favorite taste bud teasers are the Enchilada El Gran Jeffe, Quesadilla Especial or Tacos Al Carbon.

The Drinks | Drink your sunset-hued sipper on the patio, or inside to the tune of live music, making a delicious statement whether you’re single and mingling, or taken with your family and just hungry enough to know a good meal when you see one.

The Deal | Whether you park at a table inside or out, you’re plugged into the cheery hustle and bustle of dishes bursting with originality and bold flavors, combinations to beat any standard corner shop serving (what they would claim to be) the same and made-to-order big-gulp margaritas.

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