SweetWater Expansion

Written by Emily Anne Jackson 

Reel Room - EventThis spring, Sweetwater Brewing Company completed the third and final stage of their brewhouse expansion extravaganza. With the updated equipment, the company can produce larger single batches to slack our mighty thirsts. In fact, the new production system will more than quadruple the company’s brewing capacity, so we can share the sweet suds with more Southeastern states than ever before. They’ll be extending their market in all directions, south to the Florida Keys, north to Virginia and as far west as Louisiana. Don’t worry though — there’s something in this for us Georgians, too.

Being able to keep up with demand for the first time since their inception 16 years ago means that the barley brain trust behind the beers can devote more time to divining new brews and improving those we know and love. They’ll be turning attention especially toward the experimental, limited release “Dank Tank” series with dark IPAs and hoppy wheat wines in the making. One thing we know for sure about SweetWater’s future is that they’ll be following their company motto: “Don’t float the mainstream!” And we’re certainly looking forward to it. As long as they don’t mess with our 420s. sweetwaterbrew.com             



  1. Barbara Iman05-22-2013

    What a great article about one of my favorite beers.