Summer ICE Craft Market

Written by Emily Anne Jackson 

Photo by LeahAndMark & Co.

Photo by LeahAndMark & Co.

Summer Craft Market: ICE Keeps It Cool

Earlier this month, the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) delivered a host of handmade goods and some good ole fashioned summer fun to the horde of art lovers and scrupulous shoppers that swarmed Ambient Plus Studio in West End for the Summer ICE Craft Market event.

Founded in January 2005 by local crafters Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey, the Indie Craft Experience accomplishes the noble goal of providing independent artists more opportunities to sell and promote their makings in Atlanta. Inspired by the indie craft markets of Austin and Chicago, ICE grants Atlantans access to awesome indie craft events. Since their inception, their events have quickly cultivated a faithful coalition of vendors and attendees. Over the years, the grass-roots program has become one of the largest craft markets in the Southeast.     

Rows upon rows of independent artists displaying their wares occupied the main studio space during the Summer Craft Market. A room full of floating, bobbing balloons hidden behind a yarn-bombed staircase served as an impromptu photo booth and a special DIY corner by the Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts allowed attendees to try their hand at crafting, Provision purveyors the likes of King of Pops, Ursa Minor Coffee, the Little Tart Bakeshop and Bookie Macarons served a tasty selection of snacks to peckish guests.   

More than 75 vendors set up mini-shop in the bright industrial studio, some coming from as far as Michigan and Mississippi. One-of-a-kind accessories and apparel could be found at booths throughout the studio, interspersed with specialty goods like soaps, ceramics and candles. Culinary artisans like Beautiful Briny Sea and One Screw Loose sold small batch salts, rubs and jellies to eager foodies while Brixtix Bakery for Dogs satisfied canine appetites.      

Perhaps the most impressive selection of purchasable crafts came from the 2D artists dealing print, paint and letterpress creations. Illustrators, photographers and graphic designers showcased their skills with the stationery, posters and frame-worthy artwork they put up for sale. Atlanta Vintage Travel presented giclee prints of iconic Atlanta landmarks and favorite college football mascots all in the style of 1920s travel posters while SJD Studio presented the surrealist imaginings of local artist Scott Dupree.

With such a diverse group of visual artists and crafty creatives in attendance, plus refreshments to nibble on and activities to partake in, the Summer ICE Craft Market truly offered something for everyone. More ICE events to look forward to this year include Salvage, coming this September, and the annual Pop-Up Shop during the holiday season. For a full list of current vendors, visit