Sue Sigmon-Nosach

SUE IMG_0269Written by Jennifer Colosimo | Photo by Derek Wintermute

Ten years ago, Sue Sigmon-Nosach didn’t know where the next day would take her, and certainly didn’t imagine a place where she was cancer-free and running a successful nonprofi t. She had been diagnosed with Stage I Ovarian Cancer, facing an unsure path without so much as a warning sign or symptom. In her words, “Bang, I had it.”

That’s the case for many women diagnosed with the “unspeakable” women’s cancer, but, in Sigmon-Nosach’s opinion, it’s defi nitely worth talking about. In fact, during her treatment she met Debbie Torbett and the two of them talked about it a lot. They decided to start 2 Broken Broads, an artful way to create awareness about the disease, where they take bits of broken glass and discarded windows to make statement art pieces – showing that broken does not mean without beauty. “I didn’t survive to knit,” Sigmon-Nosach said. “Art was the fi rst clue that I could do something to help others.”

Her friend, Barbara Gambill agreed, saying, “She’s a survivor who has taken her diagnosis and turned it into a healing journey, not only for herself, but for countless others. With an artist’s eye, she can see how to motivate, inspire and educate others.”

Since then, the “sisterhood” has worked to connect with doctors, community members and more to create The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support, which has raised $100,000 in just a few years. Whether as minor as a grocery store gift card or as major as medical care coverage, the group helps women being treated at Northside Hospital and Northeast Georgia Medical, with hopes to do even more.

“We’ve never turned anyone away,” Sigmon-Nosach said. “I hope that one day this disease has the same respect as breast cancer.”

The kicker is that despite cancer’s hardships, Sigmon-Nosach said, “I wouldn’t [have chosen] not to have cancer. It has done a lot for me.”

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