Written by Niki Knippenberg

Burgers are the “old reliable” of the dining-out world; they’re the backup plan when everything else on the menu requires mustering the adventurous foodie spirit that’s too often led you astray.

Not so at Stillhouse, where they specialize in gourmet burgers and moonshine-based cocktails.

Every aspect of Stillhouse combines artisan adventure with comfortable familiarity. The atmosphere is low-key sophistication. As live, folksy music wafts in from the patio and a low hum of energy runs through the dining room, you can’t help feeling that you’ve landed in the coolest bar in town, but the burgers and drinks alone are worth the trip inside the Perimeter. Stillhouse makes burgers with patties made from and topped with anything you can think of and lots of things you wouldn’t. From beef with peanut hummus and fig jam (PB&J Burger) to beef with deviled eggs (Steak & Eggs Burger) to duck with green tomato relish and goat cheese (Skeeter Branch Duck Burger), these burgers are anything but bland. 

There are even multiple choices for vegetarians. The Black Eye Pea burger with green tomato relish, boiled peanut hummus, Gouda, and spinach and the Fried Green Tomato burger, which is made with two fried green tomatoes, coleslaw, pickled beets, blue cheese, and pecans, are both vegetarian-friendly and a far cry from the typical cardboard veggie burger.

My suggestion? Loosen up your belt and start off with the crab cakes. The sweet and spicy remoulade sauce is to die for. Follow up with the Fried Oyster Burger; it’s topped with lemon remoulade, tomato, jack and dill cheeses, and grilled corn, and is particularly delicious. I highly suggest pairing it with the moonshine-based Blood Red Moon Margarita. If you have any room left, you must try the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, which, yes, is made from Krispy Kreme doughnuts, white chocolate, and bourbon caramel. 

For a cool, upscale evening with friends and surprisingly delightful food and drink, Stillhouse is the place to go.