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sound no trumpet – Society Member Consideration Form

Points North Atlanta, Sean O’Keefe Events, a network of partners and a legion of community leaders have joined forces to create a new fundraising initiative for 2015, sound no trumpet, which will reward at least one nonprofit organization with a $100,000 donation to help fund their operations within 12 months of the launch. sound no trumpet is a community-oriented group of members who will be invited to join a society of like-minded individuals that share the giving spirit, but may prefer to do so either anonymously or with little fanfare. Each member will be responsible for a donation of $1,000 or more per year, which will then be donated to at least one nonprofit organization designated as sound no trumpet’s Cause of the Year. Please complete the form for membership consideration.

    Please choose the answer above that best fits your willingness to be a sound no trumpet Society member.

  1. Karen Sledge01-29-2015

    Thanks for confirming receipt of my membership form. I look forward to hearing from someone in the coming weeks related to the r

  2. Robbie H. Copenhaver01-31-2015

    This idea is really exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about participating with this group.