Soulshine: Smyrna’s Rev Coffee Roasters

Some people just don’t care for “coffee culture,” as Anthony Bourdain calls it, typically with a hint of disgust in his voice. We are not those people. While chain shops outmatch the independent joints, there are still a few standouts holding strong. Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna is one of them.

Appropriately located next to an auto-shop, Rev looks like a garage gone funky. Inside, local art is for sale and around back, murals have taken over the walls. Behind the counter, their knowledgeable baristas can prepare your traditional cup of choice or encourage you to go for, say, adding the Gregg Almond — a mix of cinnamon, mocha and almond — to your caffeinated beverage.

As a micro-roaster, they source, roast and prepare their own beans, available for purchase in store or at Heritage Sandy Springs Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, April through December. You can also seek out Rev around town, as they sell their bags wholesale to a number of local restaurants and their cold brew is on a nitro tap at The Nest in Kennesaw.

As a place to find fellowship or a perk, Rev Coffee fuels us in more ways than one.