Seasonal Recipes: Conchinita Pibil

Pure's Guillermo Santana created this authentic Mexican recipe to pair with a wine from Southern France.

Pure’s Guillermo Santana created this authentic Mexican recipe to pair with a wine from Southern France.

Conchinita Pibil paired with Brigitte Lurton Coteaux du Salagou Blanc (Viognier and Terre-Bourret blend)
Created by Guillermo Santana
Pure Taqueria, Roswell & Alpharetta

Ingredients and preparation:
• Bone-in Boston Butt Pork
Choose the size of the roast based upon the number of people you’d like to serve, using 2 ounces of pork for every taco
Marinate pork overnight in a combination of fresh squeezed orange and lime juice, and thinly sliced Habanero peppers.

• Large red onions
Julienne the onions and place in a large Ziploc bag overnight with fresh squeezed orange and lime juice, sliced Habanero peppers, black pepper and one bay leaf. This will pickle the onions, which will be used to garnish each taco, so prepare enough by using 1/2-ounce or so per taco.

• Cilantro to be used as garnish for each taco
• Mexican rice and black beans for side dishes
• Corn tortillas for tacos

Braise the pork for 3-4 hours in a large roasting pan (preferably six inches deep) at 350 degrees, or until the internal temperature of the pork is at least 165 degrees. Pull or shred the pork after it has cooled. Place two ounces of pork in each warmed corn tortilla. Top with the picked red onions and garnish with fresh cilantro. Serve with Mexican rice and black beans.

Brigitte Lurton was born from a family of Bordeaux wine growers. Her father, Lucien Lurton, brought together around fifteen wine growing estates with one point in common, that of a unique criterion of quality: the terroir. She worked on the family estate for 12 years, in the vineyards, in the cellars and promoting the products, thus accumulating a multidisciplinary expertise. She then created a wine growing estate in Rueda, in Spain. The production became rapidly famous, and she was the first to take an interest in the magnificent terroir of Toro. She returned to her first love creating a portfolio of French wines chosen for their quality and representativeness of the terroir where the grapes were grown.

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