Sally B’s Skin Yummies Store Grand Opening

Written by Haley McNeal

We all have that one aunt, or at least know a lady like her. The woman who you know without a doubt wants the best for you, is sure of exactly who she is, yearns to share her wisdom, is passionate about something, and her house always seems more interesting than yours, although it still feels just like home.

Sally Larsen, Founder and Formulator of Sally B’s Skin Yummies, is one of those ladies, and stepping inside the new flagship store in Inman Park feels more like entering her home. The living room houses an array of organic skin care products to test and purchase, and her kitchen — which is actually the production lab — is lined with jars and bottles of the natural, non-toxic and high quality ingredients she uses to create these goodies by hand.

Unquestionably passionate about natural products and their health benefits, as opposed to many items in the market today, Sally B’s is equally as fervent about the importance of education.

“We are on a mission not only to create healthy and effective products, but to also educate consumers about the hidden dangers within the skin care industry,” Larsen explained. “With our new location, we will be able to give tours of our lab, host events and create an in-person dialogue about non-toxic ingredients to empower customers to become more conscious consumers.”

It is hard to leave the storefront not feeling inspired to lead a healthier life; yearning to use natural good-for-you products like Sally B’s, take more care with the nutrition of food that is put into the body, and to become more planet-friendly. There is no telling what you’ll learn the next time you visit “Aunt Sally.”

To celebrate this milestone, Sally B’s is offering a 20 percent off in-store shopping day on Saturday, April 6. In addition to the shopping discount, shoppers can enter for a chance to win Sally B’s gift cards and other giveaways.

Sally B’s Skin Yummies
280 Elizabeth Street, Suite B102