Reveling in Relaxation


written by HEATHER KEW BROWN | photography courtesy of ST. REGIS ATLANTA HOTEL

ANY REASON TO STEP INTO The St. Regis Atlanta Hotel in Buckhead is a treat in and of itself, but the butterflies really kick in as you ride up to the sixth floor. Welcome to Remède Spa, better known as a sanctuary of indulgence. Champagne and truffles? Yes, please!

Spoiling guests comes as part of the package for most spas, but attention to detail and level of service are often what separates the good from the extraordinary. On a mission to experience what Remède Spa has to offer, I temporarily debated between the ELEMIS Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow or a 60-minute customized massage. Sometimes pampering just goes better as a pair, so I opted for both.

As soon as I saw the Vichy shower, I knew I’d made a wise decision. For the unfamiliar, the Vichy shower consists of a rain bar with temperature and water controls, but the undeniable difference makers are the six shower heads positioned to cascade over a guest’s back and legs.

Whether these six shower heads were inspired by the six geothermal mineral springs tucked into the folds of a town called Vichy, approximately 250 miles south of Paris, France or not is less significant than the fact that these hot springs have been touted to “cure” a host of ailments. Vichy continues to be world renowned for conveying the finer things in life, namely its spa therapies.

As the guest reclines on a spa table, similar to a massage table, the Vichy begins as a luxuriously warm shower that reinforces the immune system and relaxes the body. For the ELEMIS treatment, the therapist used the award-winning British skin and body care brand as a body polish designed to invigorate the skin, followed by an application of warm Japanese Camellia oil and exfoliation with ELEMIS’ signature lime and ginger-infused salt scrub. The Vichy Shower, in conjunction with the flushing of the lymphatic system for detoxification and the contracting and relaxing of the skin for firming and toning, produces results unrivaled by other spa treatments.

An hour of customized massage is always heaven for a runner. However, when it comes to reveling in a healthy dose of wellness, The St. Regis Atlanta Hotel is one of only a handful of spas in the U.S. to have this precious piece of equipment, making time spent here all the more special. A quick trip to the Auvergne region in central France might not be convenient, but a visit to Remède Spa certainly is.