R. Rice Wok-Grill-Sushi

Finding a great sushi restaurant in the South is not the easiest
of tasks. Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak, but we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best one — unless you leave selecting the fish to Master Sushi Chef Danny Chen. I walked into R. Rice Wok-Grill-Sushi in Sandy Springs knowing the heralded master chef was making waves in Atlanta’s sushi scene, and I was eager to dive into his extensive menu. Proof of my ambitious appetite soon arrived starting with a tuna pizza and an order of The King and Queen’s Crown made with King crab, house seasoning and crunchies wrapped in a crown of avocado. Next up? Several of the specialty rolls including the Hawks Roll, a sporting masterpiece of shrimp tempura, brilliantly matched with spicy tuna, avocado and mango salsa with black caviar; the Valentine Roll made with shrimp tempura, cucumber and spicy tuna wrapped in soybean paper and served with an unexpected tomato salsa that our taste buds absolutely loved; and lastly, the Lava Roll, also made with shrimp tempura, but this time Chef Chen adds mango and tops it with salmon and a surprising, house-made strawberry sauce that
quite frankly was incredible.

Having apprenticed under Japanese Master Sushi Chef Koma at Yama, one of New York City’s most renowned sushi restaurants, Chen arrived in Atlanta well versed in the art of slicing fish so that the flesh delivers a specific flavor and the juice from tomatoes, mangos, strawberries and grapefruit transform a typical dining experience into an excellent one. Chen grew up in the seaside town of Wen Wu, China, where learning how to manipulate fish as the son of a fisherman was expected. Whether you love fish cooked, raw or not at all, you can expect to leave R. Rice Wok-Grill-Sushi happy and vowing to return, as a bevy of Asian options await including rice and noodle dishes as well as stir-fry entrées.

Photo courtesy of R. Rice.

R. Rice Wok-Grill-Sushi
1140 Hammond Dr., Ste. #125
Sandy Springs