POSH Boutique, Marietta

Karyn Ballard, owner of POSH Boutique in Marietta knows
how to turn a bad situation into a brighter one. As a mother of two young daughters, she has survived breast cancer and losing both parents within two years of each other. When the economy took a dive, she bounced back and took a chance with the money her parents left her. In 2008, POSH Boutique was born.

POSH is the acronym for ‘Port Out, Starboard Home,’ which were considered the most luxurious of accommodations when traveling by ship long ago. Affluent passengers’ luggage and tickets were stamped P.O.S.H. Think trunks of beautiful gowns, exquisite jewels and shoes — very “posh” indeed!

“Our POSH is for girls of all ages who never outgrow playing dress-up,” Ballard said. Designs at POSH are purchased in limited quantities, “so you won’t see everything everywhere!” Once a particular item is sold out, it is replaced by a different style, and new items arrive weekly.

Creating an inviting environment is key to the success of POSH, where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about both design and fashion trends. In fact, Ballard’s daughter Aimee works in the store and little 7-year-old Madison is the store’s mascot. Madison and Aimee are both smart stylists, and can assist in creating the perfect outfit for you.

POSH is overflowing with the latest trends, from everyday stylish pieces to gorgeous formal attire, accessories and shoes. You can find the perfect, complete head-to-toe outfit, then leave the store wearing it.

POSH and family are also very community-minded, so when you shop here, you are also aiding others, as they believe in paying it forward and giving back. Heavily involved in fundraising events benefiting children’s cancer, animal rescue, domestic abuse awareness and foster children, the POSH family donates time, resources and money to help others in the community.

Photo courtesy of Dan O’Connell Photography.

POSH Boutique
3600 Dallas Hwy, Suite 270