Pearl of China

Written by Jennifer Colosimo

Oct. 7
 | The world is your oyster, yes. But, the pearl rests in a tiny shopping center right on the line of Johns Creek and Cumming. We know it’s not a tradition to spend your Friday night dinner date at the Chinese food restaurant. It’s never really an option for chopstick cheerleaders. But, in an effort to carry out this month’s “tables” theme, my husband and I dined in to see how our favorite dishes would taste in spots other than our sofa.

We found Pearl of China by accident – it was the first place to come up in a Google search during our first night as new Northside homeowners. The perk is that we’ve enjoyed it loyally since. Our friends request it when they come over for takeout. We’ve yet to find anything that comes close. Basically, it’s the best in shopping center cuisine, whether it comes in paper boxes, or served on plates.

The Dishes | Order the vegetable spring rolls, sesame chicken (literally the best around), hot and sour soup – or for a little more spice, the Szechuan shrimp.
The Drinks | Hot tea, if you’re dining in. Water, if you’re serious about eating.

The Deal | The bottom line? Chinese food menus are extensive, but the staple orders are stand outs at Pearl of China. Sesame Chicken is served with perfectly cooked broccoli over white or brown rice, with a rich sauce that makes you want to eat way more than your share (another Chinese food tradition). The setting inside is quiet, friendly and hearing the dishes clink in the kitchen reminds you how hard they work to serve it up, no matter where you enjoy it. So, takeout or adventurous diner-outers, this is the spot to seek when you want to satisfy Chinese cravings.

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