Pastis Makes Perfect

I can’t ever get enough of the Riviera, and luckily,
just a few blocks away, in the ever-adorable downtown Historic Roswell lies Pastis. A chic, country-French feel makes it a sought-after date night destination, or that perfect spot for a special-occasion get together. Owner Carla Dent admits that they “want anyone who comes here to feel like they’ve been dropped down right in the heart of Southern France.” And of course, their secret in doing so is in the presentation. “It’s extremely important that the chefs look at every plate,” she said. The team at Pastis practices three things that give them that star-quality with the plate reputation. “Presentation, quality and taste are the keys to success,” Dent emphasized. Notice what was number one? First and foremost, the secret is, “You never want a plate that’s all white, or all brown.” My favorite? Try the lamb shank, a signature dish since 1998. The rich, bold shank is dripping in dark au jus, served alongside bright green haricot verts and a golden yellow potato au gratin. “It catches your eye,” she said, “…then your sense of smell and then it satisfies your taste buds.” 

928 Canton Street