Pam Baker, Mary Guiney and Lara Dolan

Shamrock IMG_0426-1_RHWritten by Bre Humphries | Photo by Derek Wintermute

If hosting a smashing “party with a purpose” that surpasses fundraising goals year after year is a key to a nonprofit’s success, Pam Baker, Mary Guiney and Lara Dolan are the perfect picture. As key board members of Shamrockin’ for a Cure, an annual event that raises money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, these three are an integral part of the grassroots effort to find a cure, and it all started with the friendship between two women.

“[My husband and I] were feeling really lucky to have three healthy children and scared for the Bakers, who had two not-sohealthy kids with CF,” Guiney said. Together, the two families and a network of friends hosted the first Shamrockin’ in 2009 and raised $10,000. Dolan got involved that first year, having stumbled upon the event after the loss of a family friend to CF, and her connections have helped expand the fundraiser to net nearly $400,000 in 2014.

Together, the three women complement each other to maximize the success of their efforts.

“Lara’s our bulldog. Lara can get anybody to do anything,” Guiney said. “Pam is the heart and soul,” Dolan added. “She represents the 30,000 others [with CF].” As for Guiney, her passion and compassion for the cause are contagious, as she motivates parents of healthy children to do whatever they can to help those less fortunate. But the ladies are also quick to give credit to Shamrockin’s entire core committee, including 2015 co-chair Kathy Igou.

“We’re a group of doers, we’re not just idea people,” Guiney said, recognizing that wishing and hoping are not effective strategies for success. And though the group is pleased with their achievements, they still strive for more.

“Every year we have to grow and we have to touch the hearts and wallets of every person in that room,” Dolan said. In 2015, they aspire to surpass last year’s total. Of course, the ultimate goal is to find a cure.

“How do we measure success?” Baker asked. “We cure [CF], that’s the success. I get grandchildren.”

(pictured left to right) ON PAM: Black Navajo tunic with cream lace-trim extender from Bohemia | Whistle necklace by BLO Vintage Jewelry | Shane Co. Tahitian and South Sea pearl strand and bracelet with sterling silver clasps; sterling silver bracelets, wrap ring and dangle earrings; sterling silver bead necklace

ON MARY: Lace dress from Bohemia | Whistle necklace by BLO Vintage Jewelry | Shane Co. 14K yellow gold bangle with diamonds and blue sapphire ring with diamonds; South Sea pearl pendant with diamonds; 14K yellow gold circle-tiered dangle earrings; sterling silver, gold-plated bead chain necklace

ON LARA: Gray bell bottoms, black rufflehemmed camisole and gray sweater from Bohemia | Shane Co. 14K white gold and diamond pendant, earrings, ring and tennis bracelet; Tahitian and South Sea pearl strand; sterling silver bead necklace

ALL: Hair and makeup by Studio NV Salon

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  1. Brian O'Reilly11-04-2014

    Three beautiful, badass ladies!! I am honored to know you and call you friends.