Old Meets New at Antebellum’s First Beer Dinner

Written by Colleen Ann McNally
Photography courtesy of Nicole Hohman

photo (2)-1In America, April 7 is a day dedicated to beer enthusiasts raising their glasses to the good stuff. In Flowery Branch, folks know how to celebrate National Beer Day in style. I joined Chef Nick St. Clair of Antebellum Restaurant, Alan Davenport of Growlers on Main, and loyal patrons of both, for a gathering worthy of the cause – Antebellum’s very first Beer Dinner.

Since 2012, the charming, blue turn-of-the-20th-century house with the sprawling wrap-around porch has caught the attention of Northsiders and Points North Atlanta with its southern contemporary style, proving its well worth the haul outside the city. This evening was no different— in fact, it was a new and tasty to reason to charge up your GPS.

After St. Clair built the evening’s hops-inspired menu, Davenport selected a locally brewed Georgia beer to pair with each of the five courses. Inside, the tables were joined together to encourage community and discussion—meaning it was more than OK to talk with your mouth full. The crowd indulged in Vidalia onion soup with lemon cream, onion glass and rosemary oil paired with 3 Taverns Single Intent, a sampling of smoked trout spread on pumpernickel bread with pickled radishes, horseradish mousse and dill and paired with Athens-based Terrapin Golden Ale. Then, things got a little bit darker. The latter half of dinner offered Wild Heaven’s Ode to Mercy, with a satisfying portion of grilled flat-iron steak, and the Monday Night Drafty Kilt to wash down pimento cheese with apple relish, celery and rendered bacon on grilled bread.

If you’re like me, you sneak a glance at the dessert menu before you even put the napkin on your lap, so I knew I was in for a treat with St. Clair’s smoked cherry wood ice cream and pecan whipped cream atop a buttermilk waffle, drizzled in bourbon-maple syrup. Paired with the Almond Joy-like flavor of Chief Sawnee’s Stash Coconut Porter, the dessert was as good as it sounds and more. Just as I start thinking how I could get my hands on more, Davenport recommends scooping Vanilla ice cream into a glass of the porter, crafted in Cumming, Ga. by Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative, for an adult-style float. Duly noted, and diligently consumed.

Antebellum Restaurant
5510 Church Street
Flowery Branch

Growlers on Main
5509 Main Street
Flowery Branch