Lynn Jackson

LynnWritten by Bre Humphries | Photo courtesy of Derek Wintermute

Sometimes circumstances determine our paths; other times, it’s innate passion. For Lynn Jackson, it was both.

“I laughingly say I was born a nurse and gifted with a love of the profession,” she said, recalling how she cared for her chronically ill mother as a child and decided to pursue a career in nursing after volunteering as a candy striper in high school.

Once that dream formed, nothing could stop her. She landed her first nursing job at West Paces Ferry Hospital with a degree from the Medical College of Georgia. As her career progressed, Jackson earned her master’s in healthcare policy and administration and began to take on leadership roles, which led to the position of hospital administrator in the small town of Warm Springs, Ga.

“It was a turning point,” she said. “I learned to enjoy the community aspect of healthcare, how a hospital is more than a place people go when they are ill.”

As the current hospital administrator for Northside Hospital Forsyth, that realization is still engrained in her heart. “We believe that if a community can thrive [not only] physically, but also economically, it enhances families overall,” she said.

Her personal community involvement includes leadership roles with the Bald Ridge Lodge and Mentor Me North Georgia, among others. The opportunity to collaborate with different groups gives Jackson a sense of purpose.

“I have a hard time being satisfied with the status quo,” she admitted. “I’m motivated by the opportunity to leave things better than when I found them.”

In order to balance all of her commitments, Jackson strives to maximize every minute, and you’ll find her blowing off steam from the seat of her motorcycle during downtime. She’s also quick to attribute her success to the support of her family, but her standard for success is constantly changing.

“I try to stop, celebrate my accomplishments, express appropriate gratitude and then be focused on the future,” she said. “To me, that’s success.”

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