Like a Diamond

Atlanta-Based Defined With Purpose Mentors Young Women on Self-Worth

Written by Haley McNeal
Photo by Robin Lori

Defined-With-PurposeGrowing up isn’t easy. Especially in the formative teenage years, girls are confronted with an array of important issues to deal with — stress, jealousy, self-esteem, relationships — in addition to trying to figure out exactly who they are. These issues can make it difficult for young ladies to understand their special purpose in life, self-worth and their unique beauty. Of course, fancy dresses and glamorous makeup always help to make one feel gorgeous, and girls of all ages were able to experience these treats first-hand at the Defined With Purpose (DWP) “Launch of Love” at the Lenox Mall Neiman Marcus on Feb. 23.

Defined With Purpose is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that guides young women, ages 10 – 18, in knowing and being secure with their self worth. This initiative was founded by international model and beauty expert Crysta Redwine, who is passionate about true value awareness. Redwine expressed how young women do not necessarily know yet that they are diamonds, but working with the program helps them discover that power.

Vital to the effort is the girls’ understanding that they are already gorgeous, but having confidence can enhance that beauty and boost self -steem. Once that is realized, they boldly “shine bright like a diamond” with a poise all their own.

With DJ Princess Cut spinning peppy and confident girl anthems in the background, the launch was a celebration of all things girly. Models showcased the fun, colorful prom dress fashions of the season while young women were encouraged to try them on, receive fun makeovers, and enjoy cupcakes and mocktails, served on a platter, of course. There was absolutely no reason to leave feeling anything less than fabulous.

DWP’s invites young women to come, share and learn with mentors and peers at their next 6-week workshop, starting March 9 at Cowart Family/Ashford Dunwoody YMCA. To learn more and get involved, visit