Jaime Griffon

Jaime IMG_9806Written by Jennifer Colosimo | Photo by Derek Wintermute

In her 30s, Jaime Griffon has spent more time volunteering than most of us have plans to do in our lifetime, and she’s constantly getting involved in more.

Perhaps it comes from being raised by a volunteer guru for a mom, or maybe it was the influence of her very first job out of college as a volunteer coordinator — either way, she’s earned respect for being a savvy keeper of her own calendar and a friend to the community.

When Griffon moved to Atlanta almost a decade ago, she joined The Junior League of Atlanta in hopes to make friends. No surprise, this tall, beautiful, charming blonde did, but she also developed a hunger for learning about and getting involved with new charities every single year. She’s helped American Red Cross, Georgia’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Luncheon, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Camp Twin Lakes and even started a recording service in her office for fellow actors to create audition tapes. What began as a membership requirement has led to what some would consider a part-time job. And, that’s not even her actual, part-time job.

“It’s about the people,” Griffon said. “I surround myself with a group of hardworking, strong women who want to make a difference. That’s very inspiring.”

When she’s not working with clients at Hope-Beckham Public Relations firm in Atlanta, she’s a part-time actress, a design blogger, public speaker, wife and a creative writer. Her most recent passion? Reading for the Georgia Radio Reading Service. Here, she records radio programs for listeners who are visually impaired. This includes the news, but currently, she’s learning voice-over to record Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest New York Times bestseller.

How does she do it all?

“If I say I can do something, I can do it. I don’t put limitations on myself,” Griffon said. “I’ve walked through the doors that are open. I’m passionate about them because I know it’s going to give me a new skill.”

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