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Livingroom_OverallA bright blue sky filled with rolling white whips of clouds float languidly overhead as people splash, play and enjoy the warm weather heralded by the month of May. The active lifestyle encourages homes to match the mood. With help from local experts, now is the time to bring that zealousness indoors with updated designs to love where you live all year long.

A recent trend for interiors is “approachable design,” as described by Allison Havill Todd Interiors. “Recent projects have included a clear and minimalist look in homes with a no-fuss feel,” Allison Havill Todd said. “People are looking for a calming home space that feels welcoming to not only the family, but friends and visitors as well.” The “very stylish interiors, but not formal and stuffy” theme was especially illustrated in her latest remodeling of a home on Lake Sinclair. See more of Havill Todd’s stunning rooms in her new book, “Interiors for Living: Stylish and Comfortable Home Designs.”

“People are looking for a calming home space that feels welcoming to not only the family, but friends and visitors as well.” – ALLISON HAVILL TODD

LR2Catherine Talkington of CaShae Interiors added that renovating older properties is another current trend on the rise. “Some people [are] finding older properties and renovating, and others [are] just updating what they have. In both cases, a simple, less cluttered look seems to [be] most desired,” Talkington said, reflecting on her recent project, a 1981 home in Roswell. With more than 28 years of experience, Talkington has worked with many diverse clients, and has maintained a consistent thoughtfulness within her work that generates warmth, beauty and quality.

photo 2 (1)“More and more people are shifting to a much more casual way of living,” added Jenny Eid of Southern Comforts Consignments.

“Our homes now center around being in the kitchen with friends and family and having comfortable seating for all to enjoy.”

Eid understands that not everyone can purchase new pieces to accommodate the latest trends. Her fix for finicky budgets is refurbishing.

One of her customers fell in love with wonderful full-length cabinets, but that choice left little wiggle room in the budget for the huge farm table they so desperately wanted. Solution: the customer found, in her store, a 1980s white-washed oak table with a parquet top that was perfect for refurbishing.

“Pairing the preowned with the new can often give that wonderful fresh look that we all long [to achieve],” Eid said.

_MG_3145Danielle Rollins and Bill Ingram, ADAC’s Southeast Architect of 2013, agreed that comfort is key when it comes to trends in 2015, and in some cases, moving toward a more bohemian inspired coziness and nonchalance that mixes grit with glamour. After all, who wants to just look, and not touch?

The Rollins Ingram team cited their collaboration on a recent design space at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for inspiration. They wanted the space to feel like the room of a Southern gentleman who would be very knowledgeable about antiques, have a collector’s eye and a deep-rooted connection with his Southern colonial past. When incorporating traditional pieces, Rollins and Ingram focus on using them in a youthful, modern way.

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