Impact for Open Hand

SONY DSCIn our August issue, we’ll be recognizing a few local business owners in our inaugural Community Impact Awards, but we’ve learned that there’s no age limit on impact. Local 12-year-old Sanjana Reddy was looking for an opportunity to volunteer for social work during this summer holiday, and she happened to meet Jessica Onorto, the director of public relations from Open Hand, who explained to her about different programs to help people. She was very touched with the program and thought of different ideas on how she could contribute to the “Crocs 4 Kids” program. She didn’t start asking money for donations; instead, she planned to make bracelets and used her artistic talent in personalizing photo frames and traded them for money or a pair of Crocs. Her goal is to collect 100 pairs of Crocs before school starts, which is a great way of spending her summer holiday to help kids in Africa through Open Hand. She is encouraging all her friends to join the program as well by using their time and talent.

Open Hand works to prevent human trafficking by providing micro loans in Haiti and Africa. For more information about Open Hand, watch the promotional video here. To get involved yourself, visit

  1. Lisa Rogers07-22-2013

    Thank you so much for recognizing this young girls generous heart! To date she has raised over 125 pairs of Crocs and will continue to do so. We are honored to have her working with us in making a difference for children who don’t own a single pair of shoes!