Hosea Feed the Hungry

Since its founding in 1971, Hosea Feed the Hungry has distributed more than $3 billion in food, clothing, medical, educational, toiletries, furniture and cleaning supplies to people in Georgia and around the world. Besides the seasonal events where more than 20,000 individuals receive cooked meals, haircuts, medical exams and more, the organization also provides services to more than 40 other non-profits including local food pantries, transitional housing facilities, programs for widows and orphans, human services organizations and job readiness programs. Based on the principle that education and self-help must fortify any charitable outreach to break the cycle of poverty, Hosea Feed the Hungry provides annual Job Readiness Seminars and employment opportunities to the unemployed and underemployed, as well as school supplies to both children and teachers. Find out more at 4hosea.org