Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano

Written by Atlanta Eats Staff

Oct. 27 | Glancing at the minimalist façade and industrial interior, you wouldn’t expect the dishes at Gio’s Chicken Amalfi tano to be vibrant, complex and explosive; they are. The menu at Gio’s offers bold flavors showcasing their bone-in, moist, lemon infused chicken that is artfully used in an array of options.

The Dishes | Sorrento lemon chicken, Diavala Pasta, Zuppa di Pollo

The Drinks | Peroni, an excellent beer to pair with food

The Deal | Gio’s is counter service, with limited seating. So, it’s a great take-out option or a fun
double date spot. Don’t let the bare decor fool you – like it’s sister restaurant Antico Pizza, it’s
serving five-star dishes.

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