Gastro Gets Good

At KOZMO Gastro Pub in Johns Creek, owner Oswald
Morgan swears by presentation. It’s obvious from the sleek décor, ritzy barware and strategic pin spotting that these guys have style. In fact, when it comes to the food, Morgan was very clear. “Second only to the ingredients you use, how it looks on the plate is the most important thing you can consider in running a restaurant,” he said. Especially for this neighborhood gastro pub that specializes in what you could call seriously updated comfort food, making feel-good dishes look more appealing is a daily challenge. “People eat with their eyes so the key is to make everything approachable, simple and minimalist,” he said. Basically, less is more and we don’t mean portion size. Their most popular special is a heaping bowl of stylish spicy spaghetti. The chef tosses crunchy red onions, pepper flakes, crispy bacon and spaghetti together with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan cheese. Simple in appearance and looking far removed from its straight from the crock-pot cousin, every individual ingredient in this dish contributes to an explosive flavor quality leaving you unable to resist bite after bite.

Photo courtesy of The Social Eclipse.

KOZMO Gastro Pub
11890 Douglas Road
Johns Creek