Fox Bros. BBQ

Written by Atlanta Eats Staff

Oct. 26 | There’s no shortage of good barbecue in the South. But if you’re looking for the best, you better foxbrosburger2.jpgbelieve that Fox Bros. is tops on the list. Fox Bros. BBQ is famous for its Texan-slash-Southern style slow and low cooked hickory-smoked meats.

The Dishes | The Tominator, Brunswick stew, The ‘Burger’ with brisket and pimento cheese

The Drinks | The only thing you should really be drinking with BBQ is an ice cold beer. We like
to keep it local with a Sweetwater or a Terrapin. But with more than 50 beers available, you’ll
find something you love.

The Deal | As the official BBQ of the Falcons, it is perfect for pre-game ‘cue. If you want to avoid the crowds, head there for lunch. Reservations are not taken.

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