“FIRST: The Story of the London 2012 Olympic Games” Review

Written by Haley McNeal

HERO-John-Orozco-(NM)-MGraduate high school, make the football team, finally beat a video game, get the dream job, land that back handspring—there are numerous dreams young people can strive for, and each one drives them to be their very best and work hard towards achieving it. Could you imagine having the aspiration of competing in the Olympics?  The documentary “FIRST: The Story of the London 2012 Olympic Games” followed a dozen first-time Olympic athletes on their individual journeys to give viewers a glimpse into the challenges, fears, training and emotions they endured along the way.

This film was the only one about the London 2012 Olympic Games supported by the International Olympic Committee, and thanks to NCM Fathom Events, New Moon and the Committee, viewers were able to see it for one night only on Thursday, May 30. Select theaters nationwide held an exclusive viewing of the movie featuring athletes such as U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin, boxer Queen Underwood and gymnast John Orozco, along with Irish boxer Katie Taylor, Chinese diver Qui Bo and Australian BMX rider Caroline Buchanan. Each one faced their own struggles and had unique stories of what brought them to the competition which ignited their Olympic participation.

A common theme among many of their stories was that the Games were not just about winning, but they were seen as about simply being able to participate. They all gladly carried the weight of wanting to win not only for themselves, but also for their country. No matter the outcome of their competitions, they each strove (and succeeded) in making their homeland proud.

The theme of the Olympic Games was to inspire generation, and these featured competitors pushed to be the world’s greatest inspirations. After seeing this emotional film there is no doubt that they all succeeded in accomplishing that goal.

Although showtimes have passed, you can learn about future special cinematic events by Fathom Events at fathomevents.com