First-Time Story Teller

Local author Crystal Klimavics releases her first novel
Written by Jennifer Colosimo

FTT_cover_6-4When I met Crystal Klimavicz, I don’t know what I was expecting. When I sat down across from the blonde, gentle-spirited Northsider, she was something completely unique, someone all her own, owning her passion, excited to share it and giddy over the fact that she could hold evidence of accomplishing it in her hand.

Her debut novel, Falling Through Trees, hit shelves earlier this summer thanks to the local publishing house, Deeds Publishing. Known for local authors with intriguing stories to tell, hers falls in line. She tells a parallel story of two sisters who’ve grown apart, but have to reconcile in the wake of a family crisis. For a first-time novel, it was something worth turning over another page.

I was impressed with her tenacity for detail, and surprised at how quickly an image had taken shape in my mind. I followed her characters’ storylines with an illustration in my mind from the very beginning. She leaves nothing out and offers descriptions that lift your eyes from the page to ponder physical meaning.

Knowing that her inaugural story takes inspiration from events that happened in her own life, I couldn’t help but read with emphatic suspense, as if finishing this story would unlock more of her own, and I’d feel as though I had the insider details on what was really happening to these characters now.

Without spilling the beans on the entire plot line, I’ll leave you with a strong recommendation to cash in on your curiosity for local authors with an end-of-summer page-turner. She proves that you don’t need a NYC-endorsement to take readers on an escape. It’s still too hot to start playing outside yet, anyway.