Due North: Tender Tanks

Tender Tanks PQ
444b0d6a-e3b8-49d5-b64b-32817df3aa93FOR CAROL LARGENT of Kennesaw, the story started out like so many other women we know or hear about – something didn’t feel right. She’ll never forget sitting in her oncologist’s office, fears confirmed and frustration flooding in when she heard the words “Cancer is just a bump in the road of life.”

80e2bb53-c262-4c03-88b5-2b67fd37047eNow, four years later, Largent has turned that bump into a new business venture called Tender Tanks designed intentionally to help women in a similar position. Through her own experience, Largent noticed a lack of clothing that she could dress herself in without assistance, post surgery and in between appointments – something that allowed room for treatment tubes and let her avoid stripping down while waiting for doctors. With a combination of an oversized, store-bought tank top, scissors and Velcro, she improvised.

Down the road, when Largent regained her strength, she set out to secure a designer, began delivering prototypes in care packages to women with breast cancer and sold them to a larger market through Amazon Exclusives. Not only did Tender Tanks resonate with breast cancer survivors, Largent receives orders from customers who had shoulder surgery, breast-feeding moms and elderly women who needed the ease of getting in and out of their tops. As a former second grade teacher, perhaps it was in her nature to be resourceful when helping others, but Largent’s recognition as a Model of Courage for Ford’s Warriors in Pink program is far from common.

“It’s my way of trying to positively impact others through my cancer journey,” she wrote in her testimonial on her website. tendertanks.com 

photos courtesy of TENDER TANKS