Be Blown Away: Drybar

Written by Colleen Ann McNally | Photo courtesy of Drybar

Drybar_Interior2_6x4_300dpi(3)-1-1-1If your mental to-do list this season is running longer than a strand of twinkle lights, your hair is likely the last thing on your mind — unless you’re considering pulling it out. Sound familiar? Then quickly back away from the curling iron or other weapons of hair construction and get yourself a seat at Drybar.

Not a typical bar — or salon, for that matter — Drybar is dedicated to the perfect blowout, at a flat rate of $40 and approximately 45 minutes. There are no cuts or color on their menu of services, only a well-stocked bar of one-of-a-kind hair products and a look book of styles to consider.

Whether you’re in need of a sleek Manhattan, the voluminous Southern Comfort or relaxed vibe of the Mai Tai, happily quaff that “cocktail” of choice and let the coiffing begin. Their stylists also serve “floaters” (10-minute scalp massages) or “extra shots” to rejuvenate hair, as well as something to sip on. For the younger gals in your party who aren’t of age (10 and under), order a Shirley Temple style for just $28.

In addition to Buckhead, Drybar now has a location at Avalon, which makes for a convenient stop while running Santa’s errands at Alpharetta’s newest hub for high-end shopping. Walk-ins are welcomed based on availability, so calling ahead is the best way to keep the pre-holiday pressure at bay. You’ll leave feeling and looking more cool, calm and collected.