Cane Creek Farm


written by and photo courtesy of COLLEEN ANN MCNALLYIMG_1001

Regular encounters with the city’s top tables and cutting-edge chefs have planted the seed for a deeper respect for slow food, an appreciation for Georgia’s economical roots in agriculture and the taste of fresh, seasonal ingredients grown with care.

That craving makes me romanticize life on a farm and want to get my hands dirty, which would probably make most of my friends and family laugh. However, when I called Lynn Pugh, co-owner of Cane Creek Farm in Cumming since 1984, she didn’t laugh nor did she hesitate to invite me out to her land.

IMG_1007As I turned the wheel of my car from Hyde Road onto Jekyll Road’s gravel stretch and swapped my heeled booties for a pair of duck boots, I was definitely laughing in amusement. Like so many other metro residents that feel a dichotomy, luring them toward both urban and rural living and therefore ending up somewhere in the middle, Cane Creek was a realization of Pugh’s dream to live a more sustainable lifestyle closer to the latter.

Points North Atlanta first met Pugh, a former biology teacher, a few years ago when covering the community-supported agriculture subscriptions she sells, putting her produce directly into the hands of consumers, and more importantly, on their plates. Through internships, classes, workshops, tours, field trips, camps and volunteers, she further shares her understanding of how to grow food using sustainable, chemical-free practices and has cultivated a community.

The salt-of-the-earth woman welcomes all willing students, whether a beginning backyard gardener, the experienced farmer wanting to learn more or the school child spending a day or a week on the farm. This spring, she is debuting the first course to be partially taught online and another course for middle school youth.