Written by Bre Humphries
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I have high standards when it comes to the food I consume. For instance, I tend to boycott the big box burger joints that don’t share my values for quality ingredients and natural food sources.

BurgerFi makes it possible to get my burger fix without compromising. With its commitment to fresh, all-natural, grass-fed beef, diners aren’t left to wonder what they’re really biting into between the buns. There’s the standard natural Angus burger (with or without cheese), alongside fancier options like the brisket burger, boasting 28-day dry aged brisket with Swiss and blue cheeses. Vegetarians and health-conscience consumers will be pleased with the VegiFi Burger, featuring a quinoa patty on a multigrain bun or wrapped in lettuce, while those looking to indulge can sink their teeth into the Breakfast All Day burger, with hickory bacon, maple syrup, a fried egg and hashbrowns. The menu also features chicken and Kobe beef hot dogs, fresh-cut fries (try them topped with Parmesan cheese and herbs) and a variety of desserts – frozen custard shakes and floats, cupcakes and the signature frozen concrete, custard layered with various mix-ins in flavors like red velvet or key lime pie.

Elevating the standard burger joint menu is a list of wines and craft beers, but really, what goes better with a burger than a Coke? BurgerFi serves up classic Coca-Cola made with Mexican cane sugar from futuristic vending stations. Metro Atlanta locations include Alpharetta and Kennesaw. burgerfi.com

  1. Kennesaw07-23-2013

    BurgerFi in Downtown Kennesaw

    12 Days ago a new restaurant opened in downtown Kennesaw. Business has been good and reviews for this location can be found at various sites, here are 2 FYI:


    URBAN SPOON AT-http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/9/1731816/restaurant/Atlanta/BurgerFi-Kennesaw

    Generally this location is about 80% favorable with negative comments on:
    High Price of food
    Small Servings
    Poor Parking
    Loud music
    Many Flies
    Use of small trays rather than plates