Bistro is the New Black

Hear the word, “bistro,” and you can’t help but slip back into a simpler time, hopefully on the coast somewhere along the Riviera, sipping a glass of wine and indulging in a freshly prepared catch of the day. It’s no different at Roswell’s Bistro VG. In fact, Creative Consultant Mix McCrory claims that idea is exactly what the restaurant stands on. “Everything here is French inspired, so we’re simple, old school.” And sticking to that style through and through, the elegant simplicity starts in the kitchen. “Every one of our plates goes out neat and clean. We’re not meticulous, but our dishes are simple enough to look good without a lot of fuss.” In fact, they serve a pan-roasted Bronzini that just about takes the cake in flavor-banging trips to France. You can’t get it every night, but when it’s on the menu you can assume you’ll clean your plate. The lightly seasoned seared fish is placed atop a sizeable helping of creamy, Marscapone polenta and fresh marinated tomatoes. It’s simple, but with a balancing personality that makes every bite something unexpected and well beyond satisfying. In fact, I can’t just call it simple. It’s simply outstanding, actually.

Bistro VG
70 W. Crossville Road