Between the Sheets

It’s not everyday someone sells you a night out on
the town, at a ritzy, soft-lit dinner spot and then serves up a grilled cheese sandwich as the main course. It just doesn’t happen. But if you’re at Three Sheets in Sandy Springs, it’s the most popular thing on the menu. Managing Partner Ryan Akly explains how they got to the place where they serve America’s favorite kid food. “It’s all about making the food on the plate look good. If it’s not aesthetically pleasing, that totally changes a guest’s mind about the dish. We plate it up modern, pair it with tomato soup and, of course, make sure it is delicious,” he said. Not only that, but Three Sheets has a reputation for swank in every corner of their brand and the way they serve their portions is just part of the puzzle. “If the presentation is good, their eyes approve before they even taste it.” Rest assured whatever sense you’re using as your mental fork and knife, this menu cuts deep-down to delicious. 

Photo courtesy of Haute Couture Media.

Three Sheets
6017 Sandy Springs Circle