Work Out The Stress: Barre3

Written by Jennifer Colosimo | Photography courtesy of Barre3

Class Hand Weights-1Let’s face it — the holidays are no time to let your arms turn to jelly — there’s enough of that in the desserts. Other than endurance to carry loads of shopping bags from store to car to under the tree, you’ve got to stay flexible and agile enough to wrap everything you buy, carry casserole dishes to various parties and still have the strength to lift your wine glass to your lips – or your fork, we don’t judge. But working out rarely tops the priority list for busy bodies in December. Luckily, we’ve got the lockdown on fun, flexible workouts that make it easy to pop in for a class, get your burn on and rejoin the festive fray bubbling with feel-good endorphins.

Barre3 is the latest in targeted fitness, toning trouble zones and building a strong core, all in a slow-paced, relaxed environment that channels yoga, Pilates and empowerment. Whether you’ve tried every barre class, or you’re still wondering why it’s not spelled b-a-r, this is a class that’s easy to jump in on, get the hang of and truly enjoy.

In addition to their East Cobb location, the new Midtown spot offers childcare and lockers, so there’s no excuse to skip the gym. Sign up for a class pack online, or jumpstart your usual fitness resolution with a routine for the next several months. Your biceps (i.e. wine-lifting muscles) will thank you.