Atlanta Tech Village


written by COLLEEN ANN MCNALLY | photo courtesy of ATLANTA TECH VILLAGE

HIPAT_ATV main entry lobby and coffee shop_no person

At the busy corner of Buckhead’s Lenox and Piedmont Roads is what can feel like the longest red light in the city. On the bright side, there’s the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) sign to consider while you wait.

Our city’s own version of Silicon Valley, ATV was created to be a welcoming hub of creativity for start-ups — and is succeeding in that vision, considering there has been a wait-list for office space since opening in 2012. Each quarter, the largest companies growing within the building are recognized on the signage out front; those that are successful enough to stand on their own eventually “graduate” and move out of the campus, opening up new, highly coveted space.

Built on the core values to pay it forward, be nice, work hard, play hard and dream big — plus a $20-million dollar renovation, courtesy of founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire David Cummings — a visit to ATV is to be indoctrinated into the unique community promoting faster connections between talent, ideas and capital. Not to mention, you might want to borrow some of their less formal values like riding a Razor scooter around the office, doodling on the walls or filling a cup from the keg on tap 24/7.

Village Building Night

Tours are available for both potential members as well as those who just want to get a glimpse of the futuristic model. Non-members are still encouraged to participate in events such as Startup Chowdown, averaging 250 people for $10 lunch each Friday followed by 1 p.m. Pitch Practice, or you can book the fully equipped conference rooms.

Scholarships are available for young companies, social enterprise, students and companies that show a strong commitment to the core values. It all fuels ATV’s overall goal: Atlanta’s rise to become a top five techstartup center in the country and create 10,000 jobs in 10 years.