Atlanta Screening of Girl Rising

Written by Rachel Buckley

 8737755631_5ec64df385_bDo you remember the first day of school? Your eyes would open wide, and you’d leap out of bed. The clothes you had laid out the morning before were folded nicely on the dresser. Your brand new backpack was full of freshly sharpened pencils. The entire school smelled like a brand new box of crayons. More often than we realize, we take for granted these small privileges. In fact, to many little girls, these small privileges aren’t small at all. That is what I learned when I joined the Atlanta-based CARE organization for their screening of “Girl Rising.”

“Girl Rising” in an eye-opening film that follows the educational development of nine underprivileged girls from around the world. As if poverty wasn’t enough of a hurdle, their gender becomes their biggest curse. In many countries, being born a woman is like being born in chains. These chains keep them from grasping freedom, speaking with a voice and breaking the barriers of ignorance through education. To many, an education is the only path to freedom. Girl Rising shows the devastation of natural disaster, poverty, human trafficking and patriarchal culture. The main purpose of the film is to show the enormous benefits of education and how education can solve these issues one generation at a time. By providing basic education to females who would otherwise go without, communities benefit enormously. Through this film, CARE has clearly demonstrated the important role education plays in empowering women and strengthening the development of impoverished nations.

Last year alone, CARE reached more than 83 million people through 997 projects in 84 countries. CARE is dedicated to putting women on the front lines in the war against poverty. CARE believes that by empowering women, global poverty, hunger and the spread of disease can be drastically reduced. For more information on “Girl Rising” and the CARE organization, visit or