A Fickle Indulgence: Roswell staple opens up shop for sugar

Written by Jennifer Colosimo | Photos courtesy of Sugar Shack in the Back

We know a sweet tooth when we see one – and apparently, it’s obvious everywhere. That’s why the guys behind Roswell’s The Fickle Pickle decided to morph their space out back into the historic district’s best new bakery. From scrumptious and sugary treats to the same great sandwich reputation brought out through biscuits and an entire counter dedicated to customized ice cream sandwiches, we think they nailed it.

The Sugar Shack Out Back opened on June 11 and started things off pleasing every square inch of my palate. From the rich and smooth latte to the made-on-site biscuit oozing pimento cheese, bacon, eggs and pepper jelly (appropriately named The Ooey Gooey), I thought my taste buds could die and go to breakfast heaven. But, when the cinnamon and sugar-dusted beignet slid in to replace my crumb-filled plate, I had to revive them for one last robust rodeo. It was worth it.

Perfect for the dessert stop after a downtown dinner or an afternoon coffee sipped on the patio (among many, many other ways to excuse a sugar need), this new sweet spot fits any culinary craving, morning ‘til night. Open seven days a week. ficklepicklecafe.com