written by CARL DANBURY, JR.

It’s a bit perplexing to me, but I always felt that I had a knack for learning another language. Yet, I took four-and-a-half years of Latin when I was in high school, and only one semester of Spanish in college. Now, 30-plus years later, I have a hankering to learn French or Italian, which is probably due to my fascination with those country’s wines more so than the language itself.

I know many personal language instructors are in our area, but I prefer group interaction and a traditional classroom setting. I know Rosetta Stone language courses are options, but I am shackled to my computer enough each day and would rather not depend upon more electronic interactivity.

Best yet, I know Emory Continuing Education (ECE) has an Alpharetta campus, and while most of their foreign language classes are taught at the Executive Park location off I-85 and North Druid Hills Road, a commitment of two hours a week for eight weeks doesn’t seem too onerous.

Some of the most popular programs at ECE in Alpharetta include: Enjoying Wine: The Basics and Beyond, Decorating Basics: Principles of Design and Fundamentals of Investing. A complete list of current courses available at the Windward Parkway location can be found at ece.emory.edu/alpharetta.

Grazie mille!